Camp Aides

CA Registration goes live on Thursday February 1, 2019 at 8 pm!!

Here is a link to the registration on Active in case the above button does not work.  Just copy and paste it into your browser:


Camp Aides (CA’s) are a vital part of Lilburn Day Camp!  CA’s work with adult staff members to plan and execute activities in their units.  This could be leading songs or making crafts in a Girl Unit or teaching activities at a Camptivity.  All CA’s need to be prepared to work during camp!!  While we have a lot of fun, as CA’s we are here to do a job and make sure our units run smoothly.  If sitting around chilling at camp is your idea of being a CA, then you may want to look into our new option for this year.  Following are a few of the expectations for CA’s…..

  • CA’s arrive at 8:30am each day and leave at 4pm after our daily CA Wrap Up.
    • **Lilburn City Park is currently under construction so we are not sure how drop off and pick up is going to flow.  Watch for more information on this closer to camp. **
    • If the circle near the pavilion still exists it will remain off-limits to CA Parents for drop off and pickup. Leaders/Staff use the circle in the morning and afternoon to unload/load their cars so it is off limits to CA parents.
    • CA’s CANNOT be dropped off during the morning carpool or picked up during the afternoon carpool.  CA’s have work to do before campers arrive and after they depart.
    • If a CA has a younger sibling, then the sibling can stay in the afternoon with the Staff Kids.  Then you can pickup up the camper and CA together.  However, the CA must be dropped off by 8:30 am and the camper has to wait until carpool starts before she can be dropped off.
  • Upon arriving at camp CA’s are expected to pitch in to help Leaders/Staff to unload cars, carry materials, setup canopies, setup units, and help with carpool.  CA’s should not be sitting under the pavilion waiting for campers to arrive….everyone is working!
  • Cell phones are prohibited except in the CA tent, which is where CA’s go to enjoy a little downtime each day.  This is also the only place where you do not need to be actively engaged with girls.  When you are in the CA tent you are off duty.
  • CA’s need to bring a water bottle and lunch each day except for Thursday which is usually when we provide lunch for all CA’s!!

NEW THIS YEAR!!!  $30 registration fee for CA’s.  This was a hard decision to make, but money has been tight for camp the last few years.  With low camper registration numbers the funds coming in are barely enough to break even.  Sine we DO spend a good bit of money on our CA’s we decided it was reasonable to ask for a small registration fee to cover the shirt and patch with a little extra to go toward our CA budget.

  • Payment is required at the time you register, so make sure you are prepared to enter payment information when you complete the online registration.
  • Please email me if you have questions about the CA registration fee.

For girls who are eligible to be CA’s but have no interest in leading and teaching activities we have Camper Unit just for you!  Right now we are referring to it as the Older Girl Unit but hope to have a catchy name soon 🙂  This unit will participate in regular camp activities and also enjoy an offsite activity.  If this interests you, then register as a camper in this unit. We will miss you as a CA but want your experience at camp to be right for you!

  •  This idea was born last year when thinking of ways to incorporate the overwhelming numbers of CA’s we had during the past few years.  This is a great problem to have, but we wondered if some girls might be more interested in participating as a camper than doing the work involved with being a CA.
  • After reviewing leader feedback and our own observations at camp we decided to offer this Older Girl Unit as an alternative for CA age girls who may prefer less responsibility at camp.

The adult incentive for Priority Placement remains in place.  CA’s are being asked to bring an adult volunteer (Staff) with them to camp and provide that name during registration.  This is NOT a requirement to be a CA.  You can still volunteer as a CA without bringing an adult with you.  We understand that a lot of our CA’s cannot bring an adult volunteer, and we do not want to exclude anyone.  Girls who will not have an adult volunteer need to register as soon as possible to ensure they are at the top of the list.  Chances are still good that you will be placed in an area of camp that you desire, but there are no guarantees (just like any other year).

  • Those CA’s who have an adult volunteering at camp will be assigned in the first round of placements (after graduating seniors).
  • The adult volunteer needs to be at least 18 years old and graduated high school in 2018 or prior.  It can be a parent, friend, relative, etc…
    • They do NOT have to currently be a registered Girl Scout member.  However Girl Scout registration will be required along with council approval for the background check prior to March 31, 2019.
    • Siblings who are CA’s can use the same adult volunteer.
  •  Background on this change The past few years our Adult Volunteer and camper numbers have been very low, and we are trying to boost both with this new process.  Other camps require CA’s to have an adult volunteer at camp, but we did not want to be that restrictive.
  • This new policy should not be a surprise to anyone who was at camp last year.  We told CA’s and CAT’s about the change and announced it on Friday to the entire camp.  An email also went out through

CA Eligibility

  • Completed 7th grade and are entering 8th grade for the 2019-2020 school year
  • Attended LDC in the CAT unit for CA training.  Email the CA Coordinators for more information if you are a new CA who was not in the CAT unit.
  • Letter of Recommendation – each new CA needs to provide a Letter of Recommendation from an adult who can verify that he/she has experience in a leadership capacity or working with younger children.  If you provided one last year, then you are good to go.
    • Email the letter to the CA Coordinators at or have the person providing the reference email us directly.
    • Make sure your full name is in the subject line of the email.
    • Think of the adults you work with on a daily basis and ask if they will do this for you.
      • Your Girl Scout Troop Leader, adult from church or another organization you volunteer with, Teachers working with a club at school, Coaches on your sport teams, etc….  Everyone of you has someone in your life who can provide this letter.  All you have to do is ask 🙂
      • A sample letter will be sent with your CA Registration Confirmation email.
  • We are initially limiting the number of CA’s to 100.  If you register once we reach that number, then you will be placed on the wait list.  If our camper and adult numbers are high enough to support more than 100 CA’s, then we will activate those on the waitlist.  However, there is a chance that a CA on the wait list may not have a position at camp.  Please register on February 1st to secure your spot!!

Training Dates

  • CA Training April ????, 2019 – We are unable to have a CA retreat this year but we are having a mandatory training for all new CA’s and those with only 1-2 years of experience.
  • Onsite Day May 11, 2019 9am-12:30pm *REQUIRED* – This is when you meet your leader(s) and plan activities for the week of camp.  Campers attend from 11-12.

The Application Process:

  • On February 1st, our Camp Aide Application will “go live” 
  • NOTE:  We DO NOT re-type any of the information received – names should be entered as they should appear on camp name tags, email addresses should be double checked for accuracy as we send emails to Camp Aides directly from their applications.
  • Applications should be completed BY THE CAMP AIDE (parents are welcome to “ride shotgun”, but please let your GIRL “drive”.)
  • Once submitted, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address entered on the application.
    • READ IT!  You have to take additional steps to complete the Health History Form which is required for camp.
  • We begin making placements in late April once adults have been assigned to units.
  • Placements are announced by the All Staff Meeting on April 30th(adults only).  We will send the assignment list to the Camp Aide’s email address provided during registration.

How Placements are Assigned:

  • Graduating High School Seniors are given priority placement, as long as their application is received by April 1st.
  • CA’s who have an adult volunteering with them at camp are placed next.  The adult volunteer must be 18 and graduated 2018 or prior.  It can be a parent, friend, relative, etc…  The CA MUST enter the adult’s name during registration.
  • Applications are divided into “want to work in a girl unit” and “want to work in a camptivity” groups.  It is VERY important for CA’s to make this distinction clear during registration!!
  • Assignments are made in the order that they are received…with the first application most likely to get first choice, etc.
  • We attempt to pair a “more experienced” (10th – 12th grade) Camp Aide with a “less experienced” (7th – 9th grade) Camp Aide in each unit.
  • In Camptivities, our goal is to maintain a balance of ages, as well as to maintain about 50% continuity from last year.  With 50% being NEW to the Camptivity.  If you have been assigned to the same camptivity for the last three years, you will most likely have a NEW assignment, so give particular thought when filling out your application.

Secret Sister/Brother – This is a tradition among the CA’s at camp where CA’s secretly give gifts to each other during the week of camp.  Then on Friday they reveal themselves to their SS/SB!  It is completely optional and CA’s sign up during registration.

  • CA’s participating in SS/SB must gift at least 3 gifts to their SS/SB on three different days at camp.
  • Names are drawn at Onsite which gives you plenty of time to purchase gifts have them ready before camp starts!
  • Bring gifts and leave them on the CA table during check-in or soon after arriving at camp.  Make sure your SS/SB’s name and unit is on the gift!!
  • Floater CA’s will deliver the gifts for you except on Friday when you will deliver your last gift in person.
  • The total cost should be between $5-$10.  Shop at the dollar store and use materials you have at home. Use your imaginations and have fun with it!
  • You will receive a list of your SS/SB’s favorite things (part of the questions asked during registration) to help you with gift ideas.
  • Handmade items are good, but please make sure you also include purchased items.  Spending $5 should be manageable especially if you are able to purchase items in advance of camp.
  • The minimum requirement is three gifts but you are welcome to do something every day if you prefer.
  • Please note that once you sign up to participate in SS/SB you cannot change your mind, especially after Onsite  when names are given out.
  • In the past we had problems with CA’s not bringing the minimum 3 gifts or bringing them all on Thursday/Friday.
    • We will be watching for this problem and there will be consequences for CA’s who do not follow the rules.
    • This is supposed to be a fun activity at camp, but it is definitely not fun for the CA who brings a gift each day for her SS but does not receive one in return.  It is definitely not fair for the CA who forgets to bring her gift every day to be enjoying items received from her own SS.
    • If you sign up to participate please treat your SS/SB like you want to be treated and don’t forget to bring your gifts!

Potential CA’s can contact Kathy Lewis and Memory Wheeler at the following email address with questions about being a CA at Lilburn Day Camp.